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Consumer Rights

Fair Utility & Phone Rates

Citizen Action/Illinois remains committed to achieving fair, reliable and affordable rates for utility services through reform of utility regulation in Illinois.

We support a comprehensive energy policy that includes an affordable payment plan for low-income utility consumers and substantial investment in residential energy conservation.

Citizen Action/Illinois supports state legislation to maintain a well-funded Citizens Utility Board and will oppose attempts by lawmakers to limit CUB's ability to lobby or participate in the legislative process.

Citizen Action/Illinois supports universal service policies to keep residential phone rates low; to improve access for high-cost areas, like rural counties; to assist access for key populations, including low-income residents, children, minorities, seniors, and people with disabilities; to facilitate the wiring of schools, libraries and community centers and to ensure equitable infrastructure investment and prohibit “electronic redlining.” We will continue to advocate for fair rules to ensure that competition develops not only for business users but also for residential ratepayers, without one company, such as the incumbent monopoly provider, having undue advantages over market entrants. We will work to uphold the rights of consumers included in the 2001 Illinois Telecommunications Act and to uphold and strengthen the authority of the Illinois Commerce Commission to enforce strong telecommunications regulations and assess meaningful sanctions.