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The Latest : Cook County Health & Hospital System

Keep Oak Forest Hospital Open: the Community Speaks Out


July 21, 2010: Patients, caregivers and community members gathered to voice their opposition to the Cook County plan to cut Inpatient, Emergency and Rehabilitation Services at the south suburban Oak Forest Hospital.

The service cuts would rid many uninsured Chicagoland residents of accessible and affordable health care. The changes would send patients to other already overcapacitied County facilities, to which the transport is also very difficult and time-consuming.

The Best Kept Secret in the Southland: Community Perspectives on Oak Forest Hospital


In June and July of 2010, Citizen Action/Illinois surveyed patients, family members, community health providers, nurses, physicians and other staff that utilized or worked with Oak Forest Hospital, part of the Cook County Health and Hospital System. Over 50 interviews were conducted with patients and family members of patients from the Ventilator and Long-Term Care units, E.R., Outpatient, Inpatient, and Rehab Services, and over 50 interviews with providers from the same services.  

Oak Forest patients plead to keep care



Oak Forest patients plead to keep care

July 22, 2010
By Maura Possley

By bus and by train, 2 1 / 2 hours had passed before Lee Mayberry arrived at Cook County Stroger Hospital on Chicago's West Side from the south suburbs. It was a taste of what may be to come for Mayberry, who long has relied on the services of the county-run Oak Forest Hospital to treat his rare lung condition.

Letter to the Editor: An Efficient Cook County Public Health System


The Emergency Network to Save Cook County Health Services was among the earliest proponents of an independent county health system board, and we too welcome its efforts to create an efficient public health care system ("Don't back down," Editorial, Nov. 4).