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VICTORY! House Passes Historic Health Care Reform Bill!


Statement from Richard Kirsch, Health Care for America Now's National Campaign Manager:

The House has taken an historic step towards guaranteeing that America's families and businesses have good health coverage they can afford. The Representatives who voted ‘yes' sided with the American people and not the big insurance companies that have been working overtime to try and kill meaningful health care reform. Tonight members of Congress stood up to the insurance lobbyists, voted to stop insurers from denying people health care when they need it most, and finally brought true choice and competition to the health insurance marketplace by creating a national public health insurance option.

Unfortunately, the House legislation included a provision that will deny some women access to abortion services, a standard benefit now available on the insurance market. We will work to see that women have access to comprehensive health coverage in the final bill that passes.

Now it's the Senate's turn to pass legislation that meets the goal of providing good, affordable coverage for America so we can get a final health care reform bill to the President's desk before the end of the year.