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Citizen Action/Illinois releases 2009/2010 Legislative Scorecard


Every year, Citizen Action/Illinois examines the voting records of elected officials in the Illinois General Assembly.  This Scorecard is a tool to enable concerned citizens to hold their elected officials accountable for their votes during the year. This year, Citizen Action/Illinois selected 18 votes in the House and 17 votes in the Senate of the 96th General Assembly.

When the Illinois General Assembly left Springfield, they departed the Capitol with their job undone and their obligations unmet.  Members of both parties failed to enact a budget that supports the responsible management and delivery of vital services, including education, both within state government and through our community-based program partners in every corner of the state. With a responsible budget serving as the litmus test for the progressive agenda, the 96th General Assembly Legislative Scorecard appropriately exhibits how members of the General Assembly voted on key budget issues, including votes on needed revenue and last year’s “doomsday budget.” The scored legislation is also representative of various other issues, including gun control, insurance industry reforms, consumer protections, and the environment.

It is our hope that this legislative scorecard will provide citizens with a good gauge of each official’s dedication to consumer justice.

Photo used under Creative Commons license from Flickr user pobrecito33.