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Sign the Petition! Tell Governor Quinn we need a health exchange now!


Dear Friends,

On April 12th of 2012, Governor Cuomo of New York State signed an Executive Order establishing a health exchange.  Now is the time for Governor Quinn to do the same for Illinois.

We are collecting 2,000 signatures over the next 2 weeks.  Pass this petition to your friends and neighbors.  We need to show our support for healthcare.

Tell Governor Quinn to establish a health exchange today!


The right wing is attacking us every day.  It’s time to stand up again and fight for Healthcare for America NOW!

Sign the petition today - Call on Governor Quinn to issue an Executive Order to establish a health exchange.

A key provision in the Affordable Cate Act is the creation of health benefits exchanges in each state by 2014. These Exchanges will operate as a marketplace for individuals and small businesses to compare and buy quality and affordable health insurance.

The creation of an Exchange for over 1 million Illinoisans is no small task. The fastest way to get this done is through an Executive Order.

Help over a million Illinoisans without affordable health care today. Sign our petition calling on Governor Quinn to establish a health exchange today!


Lynda DeLaforgue

Citizen Action/Illinois


Tell Governor Quinn: We need a health exchange now!