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The Battle for Medicaid expansion is on! Contact your legislators now!


A key component of President Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) is the expansion of federal Medicaid benefits to low-income individuals that currently fall into the “coverage gap.”

In order to achieve real cost savings in health care spending and help bring our nation closer to universal coverage, the ACA needed to address the question of how to help the working poor obtain coverage without creating a new financial burden on those that could not afford it.

Under current law, a number of individuals that earn well below the federal poverty level still do not qualify for Medicaid benefits unless they have dependents or have a serious disability. Too many of these Americans do not practice preventative healthcare because they have no coverage for primary care - leading to poor health outcomes and reliance on Emergency Room visits when they get sick, which leads to uncompensated care costs that inflate premiums for those that are currently paying for insurance.

With the ACA, this will change. The federal government has committed to covering 100% of the cost of new Medicaid enrollees with no liability on individual states until 2017, when states will have to pick up no more than 10% of the cost. The Medicaid Expansion is a critical piece of the President’s Affordable Care Act – without expanding coverage to the approximately 300,000 Illinoisans that will qualify, we will be at risk of losing out on long-term cost savings and helping put us on the right track to improving quality of care.

This is an issue that is being discussed in Springfield right now and may very well be voted on in January. Please contact Speaker Madigan and your representative in the State House and ask them to support and become a co-sponsor on House Bill 6253 – the FULL implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Illinois.


to find and contact Speaker Madigan and your State Representative