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CA/IL Statement on SCOTUS decision striking down DOMA


Chicago, IL – Citizen Action/IL celebrates today’s Supreme Court decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act and effectively invalidate California’s notoriously discriminatory “Proposition 8”, thus achieving parity in marriage benefits for same-sex couples already legally married and resuming marriage equality in a state with over 38 million people.

The 1996 “Defense of Marriage Act”, which prohibited same-sex couples from receiving over 1,100 federal benefits (including taxes, Social Security and Veterans’ benefits), was struck down as unconstitutional. This decision affirms Citizen Action/IL’s belief that all couples should be treated with equal respect and dignity under the law. More importantly, it also gives impetus to the Illinois State Legislature to move swiftly to pass SB 10, which will bring marriage equality to all in Illinois.

Citizen Action/IL also congratulates California, the largest state in our union, on having marriage equality restored after the passage of Proposition 8 in 2008. It is our contention that marriage rights shouldn’t be confined only to certain parts of the country – these are guaranteed, civil rights that should be conferred no matter where you live. We hope that the Illinois House of Representatives will recognize this and move quickly on SB 10 – with the new ruling, committed couples in Illinois under a Civil Union are not granted the same rights as those whose marriage is recognized by the state.

Citizen Action/IL stands strongly behind Marriage Equality and is a proud partner in Illinois Unites for Marriage.