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Statement by William McNary on Lincolnshire Local Right to Work Ordinance



 December 14, 2015





(Lincolnshire) “Citizen Action/Illinois strongly opposes the proposed ordinance in the Village of Lincolnshire, Illinois that basically amounts to a “Right-To-Work-for-less” law at the local level.


“It is highly disingenuous for the supporters of this bill to frame this as an economic development issue that will somehow magically help amplify the local tax base and create jobs. In fact, studies over the years have shown that these “Right-to-work-for-less” schemes do quite the opposite: they result in the weakening of local wages, the decline in health benefits to families and the reduction of the tax base.”


“When workers in Lincolnshire are increasingly being paid less and less, this means less money to spend in local economies, less job creation, and less income that is taxable and which supports public services and high performing schools.”


“This proposal is another attempt by Governor Rauner and national funders, like the Koch Brothers, to weaken the power of unions -- the voice of individual workers -- and shift more power into the hands of CEOs and the super-wealthy, who profit in state after state by pushing anti-worker policies such as this one in Lincolnshire. We urge the Village trustees to think long and hard about the impact of this ordinance and appeal to reason and fairness instead of politics.”




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