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Top 10 Reasons to Vote Against Trump and Candidates Who Support Him -- Curated by Lynda DeLaforgue, Co-Director Citizen Action/Illinois

Petition delivery to stop health care repeal June 2017

This post, curated by Co-Director Lynda DeLaforgue, is a quick scan of online news and opinion pieces from around the country that make the case for why voters should stop Trump and candidates who seek to further his extreme agenda in 2018.


Top 10 Reasons to Vote Against Trump and Those Who Support His Agenda in 2018 1. 

Trump’s Immigration Policy is reprehensible and inhumane.

  1. Trump’s Administration is destroying all the patient protections and access to quality, affordable healthcare that were gained under the Affordable Care Act, while at the same time jeopardizing Medicare and Medicaid programs.      12980306.php


  1. The new Trump tax plan is proving to be a boon for the top 1% while leaving middle class and low-income families holding the bag.


  1. Trump’s Administration is sending us back to the dark ages of environmental and consumer protections when big polluters ruled.



  1. The Trump Administration is privatizing our public education system while taking down America’s higher education system.





  1. The Trump Administration is unraveling fair lending consumer protections in favor of big banks and predatory lenders.


  1. Trump’s Foreign Policy priorities are fraying decades of diplomatic relationships and threatens the US’ place as a world leader for both economic and human rights.


  1. The Trump Administration celebrates and supports the weakening of the civil rights of countless Americans.


  1. Trump appointments to the US Federal Court system put in jeopardy our access to a fair court system and equal justice under the law.

  1. Trump is undermining the equal rights that women have already fought for and won.