Candidates who wish to receive our endorsement must complete our questionnaire and return it to our office either by mail or email by the date on the cover letter. Endorsements are voted on by members of our Policy Council which is an advisory body to our Board of Directors. We will notify candidates who receive our endorsement by email.

Illinois Primary
June 28, 2022

Congressional District 2: Congresswoman Robin Kelly
Congressional District 3: Delia Ramirez
Congressional District 7: Danny Davis
Congressional District 8: Raja Krishnamoorthi
Congressional District 9: Jan Schakowsky
Congressional District 13: Nikki Budzinski

State House
4th District: Lilian Jiminez
19th District: Lindsey LaPointe
62nd District: Laura Faver Dias
72nd District: Gregg Johnson
77th District: Kathleen Willis

State Senate
2nd District: Omar Aquino
10th District: Rob Martwick
12th District: Celina Villanueva

President: Toni Preckwinkle
2nd District: Dennis Deer
5th District: Monica Gordon

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
Mariyana Spyropoulos
Yumeka Brown
Dan “POGO” Pogorzelski

Cook County
Fritz Kaegi

Board of Review
Mike Cabonargi